Outdoor and garden furniture

Types of garden and outdoor furniture

Rattan furniture on aluminum or steel frame Wooden furniture Metal furniture Plastic furniture Fabric (rope) furniture on a frame Furniture made of mixed materials Furniture made of improvised means and materials Each of the above types of garden furniture has its own unique features and advantages. The most important criterion for choosing should be considered the practicality of using it in your space. If you plan to make a dining area under a canopy, then wooden furniture will be perfect, which will be protected by a canopy from sudden heavy rains. If you want to create a place to relax in the open air, then you should think about buying metal or plastic furniture, as well as furniture made of eco-rattan, while paying attention to all the details – what kind of material is the frame made of, is it covered with an anti-corrosion layer, what kind of paint is used, can all the components of furniture items be constantly used under the influence of the sun and moisture (especially if you do not live in the southern regions of our continent, for example, garden furniture in Tyumen, where our salon is located, is very often represented by products from ecorotang). An important point is the beauty of the furniture, as well as how long it is able to maintain its original appearance. Very often you can come across stories of people who have used this or that garden furniture on the street for a certain period of time, talking about the loss of a pretty appearance. Most often this happens precisely because of the choice of not quite suitable country furniture, so we recommend paying attention to all the characteristics and choosing the option that suits you.

To assemble the perfect set for you, you need to think about exactly how you want to spend time on the terrace or lawn near the house. For someone, a spacious bench installed in a shady quiet corner is enough. Someone wants to equip a full–fledged recreation area, family dinners and entertainment on the site – here you will already need a large set of furniture.

In my opinion, there is one win-win option: a universal set of garden furniture for all situations. It usually includes a bench with a high back or a sofa, chairs or armchairs, a table.

The optimal length of a sofa or bench for two or three people is from 150 to 200 cm. Corner models can be larger and accommodate up to six to ten people, but they are expensive. Everyone has their own requirements for chairs and stools, so I recommend sitting in them before buying to appreciate the convenience.

The size of the table can be any, but the height depends on the tasks: the coffee table near the sofa can be low — about 50-60 cm, but the dining table should stand on high legs and be no lower than 70 or 80 cm. You need to pay attention to the countertop: it can be deaf or openwork. For outdoor installation, it is better to choose the second option — after the rain there will be no puddles on the countertop.

Tips on choosing benches from us

A bench made of solid wood or thermal wood is suitable for a private plot and a cottage.
The bench should be ergonomic in size and shape. Sitting on such a bench, your body should rest.
In public areas, it is better to install benches with a concrete and cast-iron base.
A bench with an aluminum frame and built-in sockets for charging devices is suitable for a train station, shopping center, public area.
For suburban and suburban areas choose benches with a variety of designs. Wooden benches with ergonomic backs and armrests are still popular. Products that combine metal and wood in the design remain in demand. Actual benches in vintage style and artificially aged. Such designs look colorful and original.