Outdoor and garden furniture

Garden outdoor furniture is something that no country vacation can do without today. After all, it helps to create that unique aura of regularity and comfort that you so want to achieve when leaving a noisy and dusty metropolis. Stylish, modern, comfortable, practical and inexpensive garden furniture presented in our online store will be able to favorably emphasize the existing exterior of a house or suburban area, providing a serene and pleasant stay. The entire range presented in the catalog is made of high-quality, durable and wear-resistant material: solid wood, carbon steel and rattan, which is gaining popularity, capable of bringing individuality and diluting the familiar interior. We offer only elite garden furniture in a wide variety of design solutions. This way you will be able to choose exactly what you need. It can be an original set, specially selected for the living room or dining group. As well as tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, sun loungers, umbrellas, swings, benches and accessories that can complement a unique ensemble in the chosen style, giving comfort to you and your loved ones.

The main characteristics when choosing garden and outdoor furniture

Purpose of the furniture (whether it is intended for outdoor use)
The material of the frame and the furniture itself (there must be protection against corrosion and ultraviolet radiation)
Maximum load (do not forget that each set has restrictions on the permissible weight, including garden furniture)
The material of pillows and mattresses (it must also be of a special purpose – durable, water-repellent, different from interior textiles)
The correct design of chairs and sofas, the correct height of dining tables (so that it is comfortable to sit and use the table for its intended purpose)
Easy operation and maintenance
Appearance and cost

Requirements for materials for garden and outdoor furniture

Practicality – simple care will allow you to relax and not worry about spilled juice or a grass stain on the upholstery;
Durability – furnishings are most in demand only in the warm season. Therefore, I want the furniture to last as long as possible and not have to update the kits every year.
Resistance to temperature changes allows you not to remove products from the veranda into the house. Or use them again, indoors in winter, but sometimes it is not aesthetically correct to use furniture from the street at home, and there may not be room for storage in the garage or in the house.
Lightness – we are used to seeing outdoor furniture made of heavy materials: metal, wood, plastic. A few years ago, few people thought about anything else. Pillows or mats were used as comfort, but time goes by and incredibly light and soft garden furniture appeared
Comfort – everything is very simple here. Furniture a priori should be comfortable and comfortable, like shoes, otherwise you will not wear the latter, and you will not be able to sit on furniture for a long time. This becomes especially important when you devote a lot of time to the garden and caring for it, so when there is a moment to rest, it is necessary that the muscles feel relaxed and are not in a state of “how to sit comfortably or lie down”.